Hulk GA-110 Band & Bezel G-Shock Accessories

RM 139.00

Customise your watch with this Hulk band and bezel replacements part! Your G-Shock GA-110 will no longer look boring and now you can make it stylish with this band & bezel. This band and bezel replacements parts are handmade with love and passion.

This Hulk design are fabricated by our talented designer. The team themselves handle with a good technical care to print a high quality products. This is a custom made non-brand jelly band &bezel for GA-110 G-Shock Watch model.

✔ G-Shock Accessories

Suitable for: 
All authentic G-Shock watches under the GA-110, GA-100, GD-110, GD-100 & GD-120 series (*only authentic ones).

The items include :
- 1x long and short strap
- 1x bezel
- 1x keeper
- 1x buckle
[NOTE] These are only the band and bezel. It does not come with the watch. 

• Feature:
✔ Easy Installation
✔ Durable
✔ Long-lasting
✔ Water-resistant

Size of case:
55.5mm (H) x 53.6mm (W) x 17.5mm (Thickness) 

GA-110 Hulk 1 Jelly BNB 1.jpg

GA-110 Hulk 1 Jelly BNB 7.jpg

GA-110 Hulk 1 Jelly BNB 6.jpg

GA-110 Hulk 1 Jelly BNB 5.jpg

GA-110 Hulk 1 Jelly BNB 4.jpg

GA-110 Hulk 1 Jelly BNB 3.jpg

GA-110 Hulk 1 Jelly BNB 2.jpg

Shipping Information:

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