Time and time again, from anywhere in the world, this question would pop up in the minds of certain individuals:

“How do I find the perfect watch for my child?”      — A Concerned Parent, 2020

Questions like these are often asked by individuals who consider themselves parents, especially those that have very demanding children they don’t wish to disappoint for that will betray the mutual love and trust expected between parent and child. Equally however, there are concerns among parents in regards to:

  • the quality of the watch they wish to purchase for their child,
  • the expenses that may be needed for a high-quality watch, and
  • the likelihood that their child’s watch may be lost in public spaces like schools.

If the above points are among your own concerns as a parent, then fear not, for we might have the ideal solution:

F-91WM Kids JokerF-91W Kids BumblebeeF-91WM Kids Floral

F-91WM Kids Spider-ManF-91WM Kids DeadpoolF-91WM Kids Batman

Introducing our catalog of Kids Watches as shown above. These watches feature the following:

  • unique custom designs,
  • high-quality printing,
  • 100% authentic watch parts,
  • reasonable prices as low as RM 89.00, and
  • optional personalised name printing for your child’s watch.

If you feel like you’re already convinced, then feel free to start exploring our catalog in the link below:


However, should you still be left unconvinced, we recommend that you hear out what these fine folks have to say:

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-25 at 13.22.03.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-25 at 13.22.36.jpeg

Convinced yet? Then don’t hesitate and start observing our catalog of watch products by clicking the link below:


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